Help us find missing classmates!


Thank you for your patience as we work to rebuild our email list 10 years after our last event. Since email is still the best way to get information to you about when tickets are available, please make sure we have the best email address for you by visit the signup form. If you are a Gmail user, please check to make sure our emails don’t want in your Promotions folder by dragging them into your Primary tab.We are still missing email addresses for quite a few classmates. Please send any contact information for the classmates below to ASAP but before March 1st. Some of the people on this list might be Facebook fans, but since we are not all always on Facebook, we want your email address too:

Allen Adams
Shahid Akbar
Adrian Alejo
David Aleman
Carly Andow
Valerie Arocha
Kiera Babadusch
John Bateman
Bret Biggart
Karen Booher
Audra Borgelt
Chloe Bragg
Javier Bravo
Judson Brooks
Kristy Brownlow
Enrique Campos
Pauly Capone
James Cargal
Petita Carther
Baldemar Casas
Deborah Chapa
Claudia Chariz
Nancy Cheng
Joel Chenu
Arthur Cho
Eugene Choo
Benny (Brandon) Coffey
Candice Croft
Rochon Dahl
Dana Daniel
Derrick Davis
Merry Daye
Sally Dee
Adam De Leon
Peyton Denman
Francisco Diaz
Hakbum Do
Sayil Dominguez
Karen Eby
Morgan Edelbrock
Nilcan Ernest
Janee Foster
Corbie Franklin
Glenda Garmon
Cynthia Garza
Ricardo Garza
David Gonzales
Peter Gonzales
Sandra Guajardo
Teodora Guillen
Saba Haque
Randall Hennig
Alexa Hernandez
Lloyd Herrera
Valerie Herrera
Leslie Houston Bryant
Quentin Hughes
Stephen Jackson
Mohamedali Janmohamed
Elizabeth Jarmon
Jennifer Johnson
Laura Catherine Johnson
Kenneth Johnson
Shon Johnson
LaTisha Jones
Tia Kenyon
Kristelle Kyle
Tiffany Langford
Audrey Leinweber
Consta Lenderman
Yi-Rong Li
Rebecca Lopez
Zyria Lopez Timmons
Peter Macauley
Shelly Machado
Munaza Malik
Joaquin Mancias
David Martin
Richard Martinez
Gabriela Martinez
Zachary Martinez
Katina Mayberry Penson
Erica Mayo
Lauren McGarity
Adam McInroy
Cory McKinstry
Georgia Medlock
Joaquin Mendez
Gabriel Michuad
Heather Millwee
Juan Minjarez
Reynaldo Molina
Rosalba Mondragon
Leonor Murillo
Erin Murphy
Jorge Noveron
Michael O’Bier
Laura Parsons
Darien Pennick
Darwin Penson
Annamarie Peralez
Joana Perez
Dana Provencher Blakeley
Beatriz Ramirez
Becky Reyna
Juan Reyna
Audrey Reynolds
Courtney Rider
Erica Rittenhouse
Brittany Robinson
Lorie Ellen Robinson
Erica Rocha
Daniel Rodriguez
Zenaida Rodriguez
Paul Rudd
Grace Rudolph
Dave Ruffcorn
Esmeralda Salgado
Silvia Sanchez
Ryan Scharrer
Jessica Schey
Rick Sparks
Amber Stanley
Thomas Sunbury
Linda Torrance
Mariaelena Torres
Anissa Turner
Jennifer Tyler
Alisol Valdez
Maria Verdin
Steve Wallace
Tammy Warren
Eric Wells
Kristy White
Jennifer Whitten
Susan Wiley
Carrie Young

If your name is on here and you have updated your information, please let us know that too! Thanks so much for your help!


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